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An illustrated view of Cusco

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I recently travelled to Peru. An amazing country, where I could enjoy the beauty of the Andes and the mysterious city in Machupicchu. There were many pictures taken, which I will eventually post.... READ MORE

Failing in Love premiere

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It’s been almost 3 years since I jumped in this production. A lot of things have passed, and a lot of insecurities before its release… Online test screenings with friends, editing rework, soundtrack... READ MORE

Copycat – Work in Progress

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And Working Title, indeed… Not too happy about the title yet for some reasons I can’t reveal at this moment. But, anyways, this is what I’m working on. Let’s call it a Neo-Noire... READ MORE

Hidden Portfolio

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There are some little productions that have been buried with the pass of time. One of them, above, is this magnificient interview with Natalie Imbruglia produced back in 2009 for the extinct site... READ MORE